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doc to pdf converter free

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Change the printer from the drop-down menu next to Name to be the PDF printer you installedNote: In our example, we can choose Foxit Reader PDF Printer from the drop-down menu

doc to pdf converter free

Make any other changes you want to the print preferences, like to print a certain number of pages, and then select OK to launch the PDF printer software, Foxit PDF Reader in this caseNote: Some PDF printers will open the program with further instructions, and others will save the PDF without any other promptsThat's it! You've created a PDF file from the Excel document! Why Use the PDF Format Excel files require a specific program to read and edit them, so it can be hard to share such documents with people who don’t have the needed software

doc to pdf converter free

However, the PDF format is much more ubiquitous, so as long as there’s a PDF viewer installed on the computer, you can view the file without the need for a spreadsheet viewer/editorImportant: Excel files that remain in the XLSX or XLS format are 100 percent editable with Excel or another similar spreadsheet program (e

doc to pdf converter free


, OpenOffice Calc and LibreOffice Calc), but PDFs are notPDF documents usually have the extension

pdfNote: If more than one document is open, you can switch between documents by choosing the document name from the Window menu

Open a PDF from the desktop or within another application Do one of the following: To open a PDF attached to an email message, open the message and double-click the PDF iconTo open a PDF linked to an open web page, click the PDF file link

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