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game of thrones pdf

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After the process is complete, click OK

You can also manually add cells you want to include in your printed document by clicking the arrow on the lower-left corner and going to Sheets > Print AreaAfter you’ve defined your print area, go to the Scale to Fit option

game of thrones pdf

To the right of Page Setup, there are three options: Width, Height, and ScaleThe Width and Height options will allow you to set how many pages the rows or columns of your table will appear inSo if you have many rows but just a few columns, set the Width to one page

game of thrones pdf

Scale will determine the overall resizing of your entire print areaSaving or Printing your Excel file as a PDF document Once your Excel document is properly formatted using the steps above, there are two ways you can create a PDF

game of thrones pdf

Saving it as a PDF in Excel, or printing it as a PDF

To save the file as a PDF in Excel: Open the Save As dialog, and select PDF from the “Save as type” dropdown menu, OR go to Export > Export to XPS/PDFSelect the file you want to open by clicking the file name, and then click the Open button to open the file

Open PDF in Windows Open the file from Windows Explorer After a PDF reader is installed on a computer, any PDF file is associated with that reader and should open when you double-click the fileOpen Windows Explorer or My Computer and find the PDF file you want to open

Double-click the PDF file name to open it in Adobe Reader or your PDF readerOpening PDF in Windows Tip If you've installed a new PDF reader, but your PDFs automatically open in another program, see: How to associate a file with a program in Windows

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