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the dare harley laroux pdf

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Problem 3: You can’t track reader engagement in a PDF PDFs completely lack the ability to collect dataYou may be able to see how many times a PDF was downloaded from a landing page, but you have no idea what people did with it afterwards

the dare harley laroux pdf

You can't see how much of it people read or how long they engaged with itYou can't see which pages and topics people found interestingYou can't see which links they clicked on

the dare harley laroux pdf

You don't even know if people read it or just left it in their downloads folder! Using PDFs for business content introduces a massive black hole in your customer journey data — a blank space where you have zero intelligenceThis is highly problematic for at least 2 reasons: First, because you're clueless about whether your content actually performs, you're unable to improve or optimize it

the dare harley laroux pdf

Second, because you can't see how your readers engage with the content, you're unable to implement any kind of lead scoring or personalized followup

People who opened it 9 times and read every page will end up in the same "engagement bucket" as those who downloaded it but never read itClick the Edit button in the top left corner

Scroll down the Edit menu until you see Preferences, then click on itA new window will open with various categories

Select Security enhances by clicking on itUnder the Sandbox protections, disable the Protected mode at startup by unchecking the box

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